Staging Is Not Just Furniture!

Home Staging NYC Estate Sale

When Amazing Space NYC arrived at this estate sale, there were bookcases in the living down one long wall. We knew the room would look bigger without them, so removed those bookcases. Only to reveal a wall that was not only discolored but crumbling in areas.

Staging is not just furniture; we had to let buyers see that this estate was not only loved and lived in but also maintained.  Buyers see cracks and crumbles and worry that there must be water damage from leaks.  We repaired the wall and made it part of the library / lounge side of the oversized living room. But at 31′ wide, this is a hard room to imagine usable. Where do you put your furniture, how do you furnish the double room so that it doesn’t just look like the place you sit in hotels when your room’s not ready.

Living Room

Other half of Living Room

Staging is not just furniture

Notice the unifying pops of orange.  Nothing too strident, but bold and fun.  As is the hide side chair.

In the foyer, we added transitional pieces, with a variety of art, typical of our intended target buyer.


The dining room used to have Wedgewood blue trim and window frames with heavy blue toile or damask drapes.  We lightened up the room with a new paint job and allowed buyers to see out the windows and enjoy the natural light.

Formal Dining Room

125 East 72 Street 9D is now under contract. There was an accepted offer and a contract issued within 4 weeks of releasing the staged property. That deal fell through but another buyer jumped in shortly thereafter.

This is a great example of making the first rooms the buyers see create the tone, the mode, the “this is what the property can be  if . . . .”.  And it worked – again!


Home Staging NYC’s Legendary El Dorado

After Staging Home Staging NYC

Barney Pressman lived here. (Yes, of Barney’s fame) Alec Baldwin, Garrison Keilor, Faye Dunaway and Michael J. Fox lived here.  Nucky Thompson, of Boardwalk Empire, considered living here and it was the focal point of Jackie Kennedy Onassis’ view from 5th Avenue.  It is the El Dorado, at 300 Central Park West.  It’s ridiculously prestigious given how far north it is, covering the full block from 90th to 91st Street. 30 floors of large, spacious apartments, most with fabulous views of NYC’s coveted Central Park.

While it was comfortably decorated before, the two bedroom apartment needed a fresh contemporary twist to be properly showcased at its $4.5 million price tag.

Before home staging NYC

The living room is a sizable 18′ x 28′. The owners, while living in the apartment, split the room in half with a formal seating area that faced the park view  and comfy seating by the TV.  Great for living perhaps, but not for selling.  The back of a sofa is not the way to greet prospective buyers into the room.  While we agreed that the room could easily support several zones, the better floor plan was one in which the various seating arrangements were open to each other and allowed the buyers to get to the windows without a large sofa blocking their path.

The Road To El Dorado

The formal dining room has lovely molding, and also enjoys views of the park thanks to the wide open 10 x 9 foyer.  But a mission-style dining set did not depict glittering evening dinner parties or festive family holiday gatherings.  Also, when  staging a formal dining room, a rug does you no service. It always makes the room feel smaller.  Most people use rugs that are one size smaller than what they should actually put in the space.   Rugs  also become hazardous, especially when you have a room that invites buyers to look UP at its lighting, moldings, coffered ceilings, etc.  and not pay attention to the corners of the area rug.


Before home staging nYc

We added a transitional table, with high-back, tufted upholstered chairs and a gorgeous globe over an abundance of  hydrangeas. This is where the “Less is More” style helps make the room grow and breathe.  The monochromatic artwork of textured circles in white relief  adds a little eye candy to the room without making the walls cave in.  The pattern of  circles emphasizes the beautiful ceiling!

After Home Staging NYC


El Dorado kitchens are typically substantial, and this one had been recently renovated.  It just needed a little styling and pops of color.  The island offers extra flat surface for food prep – or a central place for a cup of coffee.   To the right of the kitchen window is a breakfast nook, with a built-in banquette.  We added a new orb light fixture and a piece of art to finish the area.

Kitchen in home staged in NYC

Home Staging the road to el dorado


In the Master Bedroom, we wanted to emphasize the Reservoir views  (how many movies have you seen in which someone is running the 1.58 mile perimeter of the Central Park reservoir?).  Adding a more prominent bed yet keeping a simple, neutral color palette allowed the attention and the focus to be on the views of the park.

home staging nyc

Who wouldn’t want to wake up here?

All The World Should Stage Manhattan Real Estate For Sale!

Apartment Staging in NYCIf only the entire real estate community would stage Manhattan apartments for sale! My thanks, this month, to the Rob Gross Team of Douglas Elliman who included a staging success story in their monthly newsletter.

NYC apartment staging

Rob gets the impact of professional staging, bringing me in to his listing process whenever possible. Together we have great success stories. A recently staged property of garnered multiple bids and secured the owner a very nice offer, very close to the original ask price.  Before it was staged, Rob and his team worked tirelessly to market the loft as successfully delivered traffic to the property but could not get an offer. He approached the seller about Staging again and they seller decided to let ASNYC install one of our custom staging designs.  Within weeks, a deal was made that made both the Seller and the broker very happy! 🙂  Appearance does matter; Rob’s listing proved it yet again.

Tribeca Loft In Question —

NYC home staging companies

This oversized closet with low ceilings was just wasted floor space . . . until we converted it into a playroom. We painted the floors white and added child-friendly art and toys. It got a lot of use during the open houses!

Home Staging NYC

Without furniture, the buyers were too focused on the slight warping and discolorations in the floorboards. Our staging design gave them a lot of good stuff to focus their attention on instead. SOLD above ask!

Kitchen staged in NYC home


Without furniture, the buyers were too focused on the loft’s quirky issues.   Our staging design gave them a lot of good stuff to focus their attention on instead.

Tribeca Staging by Amazing Space NYC

Loft Staging NYC


The loft is in contract, and should be closing soon. This is just another of many results we have when we stage Manhattan lofts for sale.


Where to Dine? Home Staging NYC Apartments

apartment staging NYC

When Home Staging NYC Apartments, there are tough calls to make… like where will people eat?

While the apartment did show a dining pendant, it was not properly positioned in the room to accommodate seating – and there was no dining furniture either.  The floor-to-ceiling red bookcase visually overpowered the area and took up valuable floor space.  The dated pendant was hung too close to the front door.

The staging plan:  we removed the built-in bookcase, the red wallpapered border area and all of the tired, style-specific furnishings.  We had the walls skim coated then painted in a neutral color .  We added a more contemporary light fixture that was swagged to hang over the newly created dining area.  The floor mirror allows buyers to see the beautiful tree top view out of the windows at the other end of the apartment, even when they are in the dining area.  The wall mounted shelf and mirror created an “entrance”, a place for Buyers to drop their keys and cell phone when coming home.

The result: an intimate dining vignette that not only welcomed buyers into the apartment but allowed them to see dining for 4.

NYC home staging

After Thought

Sometimes the very things that make our homes have character and charm are the detractors when it’s time to sell.  And this is why a seller can not prepare an apartment for sale on their own.  They are too close it and can’t see the counter-intuitive measure that will be a lucrative decision in the end.  Plus, for many New Yorkers, a built-in bookshelf would be a rich feature; but is an eating area for 4 more likely to bring in a higher price?  It is well worth the investment of an initial consultation.


Apartment Staging in NYC: We Revive An Estate Sale

UPDATE!Home Staging NYC

Update: The Park Avenue estate has an accepted offer, 5 weeks after being listed with the staged flyer, living room and dining room! Yippee!  

You hear of the little old ladies of Park Avenue, but it’s rare these days to find an estate sale, untouched.  The lovely pre-war apartment (pictured here, with before and afters) will likely be completely renovated by the buyers, to their tastes; but even renovators need some sense of scale, and to see hard evidence of the potential. Wreck or no wreck, most buyers do not see in 3D.

With a substantial reno ahead, the marketing team opted to present just the key rooms: entrance foyer, living room, dining room and kitchen. The staging helped make the apartment feel more loved and buyer friendly. It was released just a few days ago and there is a line for appointments .

NYC home Staging

The key to apartment staging in NYC, whether the property is an estate sale or not, is to present how rooms can be used.  We add layers of color and texture to trigger the senses, evoke happy memories and stimulate imagination.  Our buyer needs to see themselves living happily in a space, and this turquoise achieves that better than any other color at this time of year. Yellow would be garish and orange too obvious.  With Spring on the way, soon, and very soon, (fingers crossed) this bright blue suggests sunny days and soothing calm ahead.

Apartment Staging NYC

Whenever we pick a color with strong contrast, we carry it throughout the apartment. This way each room flows easily from one to another. A harmonious flow also makes the space feel bigger.

I would like to tell that we’re in citrus season, hence the lemons, but that wasn’t the motivation. I just liked the additional pop of color. That’s a lot of black, white and silver in there!

top staging companies NYC does Estate sale kitchen


 For more information on how to stage your apartment for sale, please call 917-428-3965 and ask for Debbie.

Amazing Space NYC covers Manhattan, Brooklyn Heights and all of the new developing neighborhoods in Brooklyn.


Red is NOT Dead!

Red in Home Staging NYC
Red – it is alluring and seductive, evoking feelings of hunger and passion. But is it appropriate for Home Staging? Those formal dining rooms and accent walls painted in candy apple, crimson or cranberry certainly are vivacious and alluring, but when Staging a property for sale, do those dramatic walls add value or cause buyers to run in the opposite direction?

When combined with the right furnishings and accent colors, red is extremely elegant. From a designer’s vantage point, I love red – especially when it is high gloss and lacquered.  And there is no reason why those same techniques cannot be incorporated into a staging plan, in the form of picture, art or mirror frames, trays, or small appliances (think retro toaster or ice cream soda maker).  Red in accent pillows and artwork are also great ways to seduce a buyer into a room.

Subtle hints of red in the furniture and accessories makes it pop – pop – pop!  We want the buyers to be moved emotionally, to be spurred to action.  Action to make an offer.  Red is a great color to inspire such action.

Red in Home Staging NYCModel Designs For Home Staging NYC

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