All The World Should Stage Manhattan Real Estate For Sale!

Apartment Staging in NYCIf only the entire real estate community would stage Manhattan apartments for sale! My thanks, this month, to the Rob Gross Team of Douglas Elliman who included a staging success story in their monthly newsletter.

NYC apartment staging

Rob gets the impact of professional staging, bringing me in to his listing process whenever possible. Together we have great success stories. A recently staged property of garnered multiple bids and secured the owner a very nice offer, very close to the original ask price.  Before it was staged, Rob and his team worked tirelessly to market the loft as successfully delivered traffic to the property but could not get an offer. He approached the seller about Staging again and they seller decided to let ASNYC install one of our custom staging designs.  Within weeks, a deal was made that made both the Seller and the broker very happy! 🙂  Appearance does matter; Rob’s listing proved it yet again.

Tribeca Loft In Question —

NYC home staging companies

This oversized closet with low ceilings was just wasted floor space . . . until we converted it into a playroom. We painted the floors white and added child-friendly art and toys. It got a lot of use during the open houses!

Home Staging NYC

Without furniture, the buyers were too focused on the slight warping and discolorations in the floorboards. Our staging design gave them a lot of good stuff to focus their attention on instead. SOLD above ask!

Kitchen staged in NYC home


Without furniture, the buyers were too focused on the loft’s quirky issues.   Our staging design gave them a lot of good stuff to focus their attention on instead.

Tribeca Staging by Amazing Space NYC

Loft Staging NYC


The loft is in contract, and should be closing soon. This is just another of many results we have when we stage Manhattan lofts for sale.


Staged Penthouse Colors The Upper West Side For Sale

home staging the upper west side

This Penthouse apartment on the Upper Westside was a giant white box that offered a lot of space . . . . and white walls . . . .  and space . . . .  and more white walls.  It lacked sex appeal, and did not offer  any ambiance.  Working with a very limited budget, the marketing team decided to stage the main living/entertaining space in an effort to create a WOW moment as soon as the elevator doors opened on to this floor through showcase.  The team wanted a design plan that was more downtown – vibrant and loft-like. More and more younger buyers are recognizing the value of the UWS (as is written in this recent  New York Post article, and the Sales and Marketing team wanted to capitalize on the movement north.  In order to capture this target demographic buyer, the Penthouse needed a more contemporary aesthetic, not the stodgy “Old New York” décor that is so familiar in the UWS pre-war apartments.

We added an accent wall of deep mocha-gray accent wall in the living room, then accessorized with orange for downtown punch. The accent color carries through to the oversized terrace, making the living area feel twice as grand and without obstructing any of the river views.  Gorgeous!

Home staging nyc upper west side


Here’s another view of the living and entertaining space.  Notice the reading nook just around the corner, which also shares the spectacular view!

home staging on the upper west side


Adding a cheerful turquoise rug to anchor the oversized dining room, we brought the river view to the other side of the apartment.  That Hudson River view is a feature we want the buyers to remember as they flow through the unit.

Lots of sky in this staged penthouse on NYC's upper west side



The blue and orange color combination is visible outside as well as inside the Penthouse, like the bricks in the surrounding buildings juxtaposed against the sky.  This color combination has several advantages:

  1.  It is modern and bold but also cheerful
  2. The colors are recognized by many as the most eye-catching colors for online purposes and will draw in the buyers who are clicking around for inspiration and prospective homes.
  3. [According to Basic Color Theory] Being opposites, and therefore complementary on the color wheel, blue and orange imply maximum stability – an imperative in New York City Real Estate investing (especially when the list price is upward of $7 million). The color combination creates harmony, perhaps because the colors are related.
  4. This palette also suggests that a design professional has been employed, a very useful tool for staging high-end homes. The indication that the services of a professional interior decorator or designer were utilized increases the aspirational appeal of the property.  Buyers not only get to enjoy the design suggestions the Penthouse offers; they understand that this is the lifestyle they will enjoy when residing in this floor-through Penthouse with sweeping Hudson River views.

This staged penthouse has been just released and is getting great feedback.

To have your penthouse staged by Amazing Space NYC, please call 917-428-3965, and ask for Debbie.  To drool more, here is the floorplan –>

home staging Upper Westside penthouse


Cold War: Neutral Home Staging NYC Gone Too Far!

When home staging NYC, most home owners know to neutralize the look of each space. You can go too far. You can create a hard, empty space that no-one wants to own.

Such was the case with this loft space. Modern, clean and barren, this space was so cold, even Eskimos were running in the opposite direction!  By adding warmer hues with art and accent pillows, then toning down the frigid feeling of the floor tiled floor, this Owner Occupied took on an entirely different vibe – and got several offers before accepting one at 99% of list!

Home Staging NYC's most cold, barren spaces

For more information, please call Amazing Space NYC at 917-428-3965 and ask for Debbie.

Home Staging New York Lofts

Home Staging New York Lofts

When Home Staging New York Lofts, it is even more important to demonstrate how life works in the space because they are usually open plan. “rooms” or at least designated areas for each of the 5 primary human functions have to be clearly identified. Equally at issue is this notion of “over-neutralizing” that we see amateurs presenting all the time.

A good Home Stager knows not to over-neutralize when a property has a spirit and vibe that needs to take center stage. This was the case with a 3 bedroom Tribeca loft for which Amazing Space NYC was contracted to stage.

Featured in books, the interior design of this loft space was a creative interpretation and installation of inexpensive materials such as plywood, 2 x 4s, plexiglass wall dividers, and masking tape wall paper. The “bones” of the loft offered a distinct personality but it was overpowered and masked by the collection of oriental rugs, the antique furnishings and the parade of dressers and armoires that lined the walls. Over the years, the loft became an enormous closet for the family’s eclectic and somewhat eccentric possessions. How would potential buyers see the Interior Designer’s creation?
Home Staging New York Lofts

Amazing Space NYC provided one of its full-service stagings and started by hiring a moving company that packed and shipped to storage 90 per cent of the rugs and a large assortment of armoires, chests, dressers, chairs, sofas and art. To showcase the remaining pieces, the exposed brick wall and the materials that were used to create the loft design, Debbie and the real estate brokers chose an oversized, slip-covered seating arrangement and added morroccan pillows in soft summer colors. The seating arrangement was anchored by a simple sisal rug and a large piece of the owner’s art. Buyers were easily able to see the expansive living space while enjoying the materials that were used to create this one-of-a-kind loft design. The result: 9 weeks on the market and SOLD at 94 per cent of ask!

Home Staging New York Lofts