Home Staging a NYC 3 BR Rowhouse

home staging a nyc triplex135 Cambridge Place, Brooklyn

This Clinton Hill historic home was a renovation that maintained a lot of the original charm and character of the architect’s design. It is a two-family home with a 1 BR apartment below and a family triplex above.

As you can see from the floorplan, the rooms are narrow.  Being only 15′ wide, the front sitting room is challenging (it is the room with the 2 white Corbusier love seats, fireplace with round mirror and skin rug) and the bedrooms all have small closets so we had to show storage in the form of dressers and chests in every room.

home staging a brooklyn living room

The developer wanted all of the furniture to be as true to the character of the period as possible but the broker wanted a more current decor to appeal to the 30-40 year old buying demographic. This front room was a back-and-forth as white leather was not what the client wanted, but when he saw his choice in the room, it was clear that light and low was the way to go. The front room is now a sitting/conversation area that feels intimate but not crowded. Home staging is often a compromise, and we had a really good result with this home.

Midcentury modern dining room

The advantage to mid-century modern furniture is 1. it appeals to our target buyer, and, 2. by being lighter than many of the more traditional pieces, it takes up less space – physically and visually. Now you can focus on the fireplace and the extraordinary amount of natural light flooding through from the kitchen, not on whether you’ll bruise your hip on the giant table as you go to turn on the fireplace!

Family Room

To accommodate the children, we created a family room for watching TV, lounging and gathering time on the second floor. We also took one of the 3 bedrooms and gave it a serious, k.i.d. vibe!

Kids BR

For the master bedroom, we combined the warm, gold tiled hearth with the trees outside to create a green, serene scene. Everything leads your eye outside to sky and trees. It is now a calming space but practical and romantic.

home staging with Amazing Space NYC

The second bedroom can be interpreted in a variety of ways –

home staging a second bedroom

whether for a teenager, a set of in-laws or perpetual guests, this room provides a stylish, on-trend welcome.  You might think we’ve run this skin thing into the ground, but these cowhides are gaining in popularity month by month!  We have used several here to connect this home to its chic, up and coming Clinton Hill location.  Currently one of the hottest neighborhoods, it has ample places to play – quality dining, shops, coffee shops, bars, transportation (2 short blocks from the house is the subway), The Barclays Center, BAM, Pratt Institute and downtown Manhattan.

Why You Need a High-end NYC Home Stager To Do A Studio!

NYC Home Stager#1  This is what it looked like:-

#2 The asking price is $524,000

#3 The maintenance alone is $1,255 a month and only 50% of it is tax deductible.

#4 The apartment “is a back apartment with no view”…and faces North.

#5 To anyone OUTSIDE of NYC, this is absurd!!  But this is New York City – the heart of Greenwich Village in a well-run,  doormaned co-op.  And pets are allowed.

What to do?


We took advantage of the main space to add a sectional and desk. With varying textures and a simple pallet we achieve a feast of visual interest… which compensates for lack of space. From a glass topped table with smooth steel legs, to a textures sofa with shaggily soft pillow, the “living room” is a stylish spot to read, entertain or watch tv.  There doesn’t need to be a tv hang on the wall for the buyers to easily recognize where one would go.  An open shelf, free standing, is a great way to delineate a space without sacrificing light.  By NOT filling the shelves with glass, but rather interesting silvered sculptures, the divider doesn’t unnerve  buyers with a “don’t bump that or you’ll be owning the crystal fragments”. The originality suggests a luxurious pied-a-terre or perhaps a first-time homeowner’s private lair.

There are possible buyers now. As opposed to a dirty L-shaped box that competes poorly against New Construction, no matter how fabulous the location.

Home staging does more than solve the design problems. It illustrates the lifestyle for a series of potential occupants. Notice that the total lack of view isn’t covered up.  There are no sheers, even, on the windows. What you see is what you get. And what you get is something quite practical that can be as serene or as cosy as any discerning New Yorker might want.

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[Home Staging NYC] Brooklyn Dodger – Now Beauty

NYC Home Staging

This one bedroom ground floor apartment in the heart of Brooklyn Heights looked worn out and forgotten. Until Amazing Space NYC took over and turned tired into tasteful and worn into wonderful. The living room was repainted in Natural Wicker (OC-1) with Chantilly Lace white trim, setting the back drop for warm furnishings that complement the dentil moldings and darker wood tones in the kitchen cabinetry. The green was removed from the bedroom walls and ceiling and replaced with a white ceiling and Linen White walls. But green was not forgotten; our design team used it as the accent color to highlight the trees and leaves that are framed by both the living room and bedroom windows. A few accents to make the place appeal to the first time home buyer and this one bedroom is ready for its first open house.

NYC Home Staging

Happy Selling!

Link to listing — http://www.elliman.com/new-york-city/30-monroe-place-1f-brooklyn-vcggmcl

NYC home staging

The Only 2 BR In The Hush-Hush One57 Is Staged For Sale

New York City Home StagingI recently had the pleasure of staging the only 2 br condo in the notorious, super hush-hush condo, One57. The home had been purchased when the units were first offered for sale. Now it is being sold at an impressive $6,000+/sq.ft.  Dramatic views are only part of the story.  Floorplans are larger here:  3,200 sq. ft in other buildings might be a 5 BR, here they are a mere 3.  The goal is ample grand space from which to admire the skyline views.

From a staging perspective, it was important to honor and work within the public areas of the building.  These were designed by Thomas Juul-Hansen, with “discreet opulence” that references the “great French modernists, such as Jean Michel Frank.”  There was no choice, then, in staging with a modern elements and a neutral palette.  As usual, AmazingSpaceNYC didn’t sacrifice comfort for design. Real people can see themselves living here.  The softly textured furnishings counterpoint the floor to ceiling glass with cold, concrete, stone and steel buildings beyond. Accents of blue bring the sky closer while relating to the blue, water-rippled look of the building’s exterior.

Dark hardwood floors, punctuated by voluptuous columns continue the luxuriant ambience; it’s hard not to become overwhelmed with the abundance of light and sky.  Dramatic finishes add further luster.   Rich zebra wood cabinets in the kitchen with black granite counters, appliances by Miele, Sub-Zero and a Zephyr island range hood.

Home Staging NYC one57 condo The master bedroom shimmers in silvers, grays and crisp whites, grounded by a skin area rug.  An alcove becomes a reflective area, so long as your vertigo is in check.  Here, at least, there is a real view of the river, as opposed to the old real estate joke that “partial river view” meant, “yeah, sure, if you stick your head out of the window and lean, a lot!”   Generously sized walk-in closets are part of this floorplan, of course!  Each room has dimmers and lighting control, with Valli and Valli hardware.NYC home staging | home stager

More real river views from the second bedroom create particularly stunning evening sunsets.  It is the perfect spot for a den, or home office if another bedroom wasn’t absolutely required.

Home Staging NYC The bathrooms have the new striped marble that has quickly become popular  — Statuario — and an interesting glass countertop.  Shower and separate bath tub both has Dornbracht fixtures.  Feeling spare and Euro-chic, this space is ideal for any Master of the Universe’s grooming.

Every unit has a Miele washer and dryer, FERMAX audio sound system. And so it should, for $12 million!!!

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Brooklyn Condo Master Bedroom

This is one of many higher-end homes we’re staging in Brooklyn these days.  It is remarkable how hot this suburb has become, with no sign of slowing down.  We are seeing multiple offers even on rentals; house hunting there is as Brooklyn brownstone blogger Jonah Landman wrote “fast and furious.” The Daily News was not exaggerating when it said back in January, “Brooklyn’s totally out of your league now!” Many condos sell for well over a million dollars. With so much potential money at stake, it’s no wonder that home staging is also taking off in Brooklyn. What seller wouldn’t want fair market value for their home?

In this particular condo, the master bedroom was empty and uninviting, a white box of nothing.  We painted, the walls in a neutral yet current color,  then added bedroom furniture in warm, rich wood tones that shows plenty of room for a queen bed, his and her night stands, a triple dresser (on the opposite wall from the bed) and even 2 ottomans at the foot of the bed! It is the perfect oasis for the busy working couple with small children!

Before Brooklyn Home Staging

Before a home stager came in…

After home staging Brooklyn Master Bedroom

After the home stager has waved her magic wand! 🙂


This is what staging does for a property for sale. We identify the target customer and create a living 3D example of the likely lifestyle for that buyer.  The result? More potential buyers can easily visualize themselves living in the home; more buyers will take action to purchase (or rent) the property.

For more on this particular unit, please enjoy this gallery:



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NYC Home Staging Union Square Simplicity

Home Staging NYCThis 2 bedroom/convertible 3 near Union Square offered buyers no reason to look past the foyer.  After being “welcomed” by vinyl wallpaper that was supposed to resemble wood paneling, buyers were bombarded by a wall of mirrors that reflected the mechanicals on the roof of the building across the street – awful.  Off the living room, the floor of the den” was covered in cheap, worn-out carpeting.  Outlet covers were missing.  Worn-out, dirty sheers dressed the living room windows.  A faux fireplace, with no purpose, sat right in the center of the main living-dining space.  The windows were filthy and there was nothing on the terrace that invited buyers outside to enjoy the tree-top view.  After the sellers executed our extensive renovation plan, we brought in furniture, art, rugs, accessories – and a really good cleaning crew – to transform the 1,600 square feet of space from blah to “AH!”

The Living Room

Home Staging in NYC Living Room After the Magic!As you can see, we have cleaned the space up so that it sizzles with style! From the hide rug, to the mix of leather furniture, this room now shows great light, views and expanse.  We kept the colors neutral, with just a quick pop of color in the art.  The pieces on the coffee table suggest a relaxed style that’s casual yet ready for company at any time.  Big fat cushions echo the luxurious notes of the leather inviting you to sink in and call the place home.

The Den

Den staged in New York City apartment in Union SquareIt is simple . . .  then simply fabulous!

A contemporary setting does not have to feel cold. Here we have standard lamps and a fun, textured mirror to warm up the space. Plus, a game on the ottoman.  You don’t need to SEE at TV to know exactly where you’d put one to be comfortable in that room.


The Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom home staging NYCThis master bedroom offers the perfect retreat from the kids and the noise of the city.  The worn-out carpeting was replaced with wood floors that were stained to match the rest of the apartment.  The color combination of the bed linens amplify the varied textures of the art, wood tones and light leathers. Overall, this master bedroom is now sexy and appealing to both the man and woman of the house!



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Red is NOT Dead!

Red in Home Staging NYC
Red – it is alluring and seductive, evoking feelings of hunger and passion. But is it appropriate for Home Staging? Those formal dining rooms and accent walls painted in candy apple, crimson or cranberry certainly are vivacious and alluring, but when Staging a property for sale, do those dramatic walls add value or cause buyers to run in the opposite direction?

When combined with the right furnishings and accent colors, red is extremely elegant. From a designer’s vantage point, I love red – especially when it is high gloss and lacquered.  And there is no reason why those same techniques cannot be incorporated into a staging plan, in the form of picture, art or mirror frames, trays, or small appliances (think retro toaster or ice cream soda maker).  Red in accent pillows and artwork are also great ways to seduce a buyer into a room.

Subtle hints of red in the furniture and accessories makes it pop – pop – pop!  We want the buyers to be moved emotionally, to be spurred to action.  Action to make an offer.  Red is a great color to inspire such action.

Red in Home Staging NYCModel Designs For Home Staging NYC

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The Lethargic 2 BR That Needed Home Staging, Real Bad!

Lethargic 2 BR ApartmentThis Upper East Side 2 bedroom offers gorgeous views of the park, generously sized rooms and a comfortable flow. Although freshly painted, the apartment felt lethargic and void of light, bright color. ASNYC welcomed the opportunity to install a custom staging design plan so that 15A became ready for photographs, marketing materials and showings.

Lethargic 2 BRWe removed many of the furnishings so that each room can benefit from furniture arrangements that introduced warm textiles, glass and metals, colorful art and accents, all of which softened the dark wood tones.  All of which invigorated the rooms.

Lethargic 2 BR Master BedroomASNYC supplied its own artwork, florals, and lifestyle accessories so as to add a layer that speaks to the lifestyle of the potential buying demographic.  Overall, the design plan exuded a level of elegance comparable to the price point that a 2 bedroom Unit on Fifth Avenue commands.  A lethargic 2 BR no more!

Den with Logo

‘Love It or List It’ New York Style!

Home Staging New YorkLove It or List It. What does a Seller do when they completely fall back in love with their apartment after it has been staged? 

Do they “Love it” or do they “List it”? Is that show, “love it or list it” real?  Do people really change their plans and stay?

In the case of Sam and Leah Worth, they did both.  Looking to move their family to the suburbs, they decided to list their  3 bedroom/2 bathroom Upper Westside apartment.  The market wasn’t on fire and the real estate broker knew the offers would be substantially lower than what the market was dictating since the apartment was cluttered and worn.   Debbie Oulvey to the rescue!

Home Staging New York with Debbie OulveyA full report was issued to Sam and Leah, with all that they needed to do to prepare their property  for the selling process.  De-clutter closets so buyers can see depth and height.  De-clutter bedrooms so buyers can see space and spaciousness.  A few new pieces of furniture and lighting were purchased and the worn-out pieces were either discarded or moved to storage.  Then, the real work began:

  • All rooms were painted providing a true move-in-ready appeal to the apartment.
  • Windows were cleaned.
  • White hotel shower curtains and towels installed in the 2 bathrooms.
  • New bedding added to all 3 beds.
  • Artwork was hung with a purpose – to drive traffic into the rooms.
  • Sheers were hung in the windows to provide a more intimate appeal to the bedrooms and to block the street traffic visible from the main living space.

After investing long hours to properly stage the apartment, it was photographed and listed.  And the buyers came.  And they came.  And do did the offers but they were not as high as they had wanted (due to the market being a Buyers, not Sellers, market).   One day, Leah looked at Sam and said “I love this apartment.  I love the way it looks now.  Let’s stay for another few years.”  And so they did.

     *        *        *

Fast forward a few years: the market conditions in Manhattan have resurrected and a buying frenzy is happening.  Properties that are move-in ready and priced correctly are moving at a very fast pace.  Sam and Leah are giving it another try, and once again Debbie Oulvey is called in to give them pointers and advice on preparing the property for the next wave of buyers.

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Home Staging New York’s Master Bedroom Fit For A King!

Home Staging New YorkHome Staging New York does not always require a complete gut renovation of a room or the whole apartment.  After all, we offer Lifestyle Staging, not model apartments.  This master bedroom had great storage and built-in lighting.  The ultimate prize was that the room could accommodate a king size bed!  This is a true rarity in New York City’s pre-war buildings.

The crochet afghan and shelves cluttered with books and childish accessories did not exude a sophisticated backdrop.  By adding hotel-style linens to the king size bed, de-cluttering the bookshelves, and adding art, a few lifestyle accents and a floral arrangement, this master bedroom was transformed into a welcoming, sophisticated  retreat.

And the mirror?  Well, what do you think? Kinda fun, no? LOL

Home Staging New York

Home Staging New York for the last 5 years, Amazing Space NYC’s lead designer, Debbie Oulvey, can be reached at 917-428-3965.

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