Grand Tour Assessment

Grand Tour Assessment for home staging NYCThe Grand Tour Assessment

(Furnished/Occupied Assessment)

The most effective way to do it is to do it.” – Amelia Earhart

A professional stager will conduct a thorough evaluation of the furnished property – from the Buyer´s perspective. In each of the major rooms, the Stager will determine the necessary steps to de-personalize and de-clutter, renovate and rejuvenate with the ultimate goal of preparing the property for the next owner. In our evaluation, we pay careful attention to furniture placement, lighting, style, color, appliances, wall and ceiling conditions, molding, flooring, bathroom fixtures, and plumbing – the works!

The assessment might suggest removing or adding furniture, increasing lighting, replacing appliances, re-grouting the bathroom, adding more colorful accents or foliage – all with the intention of making the property move-in ready and one with which the buyers feel an immediate connection and level of comfort. Careful attention is paid to maximizing the impact of the property´s focal points and attributes. If the unit will be occupied during the selling process, we take into consideration the daily needs and routine of the occupants.

Fees start at $350.

We also offer:

  1. Full House Staging (Furnished Properties)
  2. Empty Nest Staging (Vacant properties)
  3. Model Designs
  4. Room Re-Design


The industry estimates that a Seller will invest between 3 and 10 per cent of the property’s list price on staging.  On average, Amazing Space NYC successfully delivers staged, renovated and picture perfect properties that lead to fast sales for 1 to 3 per cent of the list price!


Debbie Oulvey has a keen sense of how to masterfully transform an empty space into a home. I have worked with Debbie on several occasions. One apartment in particular presented a challenge – a floor through with oversized floor to ceiling windows. Debbie’s understanding of color and light selected the right palette to create an immediate sense of warmth and depth and, from there, she transformed the unfilled into an appealing and saleable home. Debbie takes the time to listen and immediately envisions how the space will best work based upon the needs of her clients. She understands color, spacial orientations, and the mood, feel and tone the rooms need to evoke. Debbie works quickly and efficiently yet remains cost conscious.
Stacy Spielman Stolz, BHS Select