Staging in Brooklyn Heights: Rental Leased Within 2 Weeks!

Brooklyn Rental Staged and Sold


Brooklyn Heights is the IN place. Full of construction, there are new towers and prestigious buildings with a plethora of amenities popping up throughout the zip code.  Competition is fierce and usually the “newest” – because whichever has the caché of being the “newest” rents the fastest.  The marketing director of a management company for several very prominent rental buildings in the Heights and Dumbo areas realized the dilemma one of her buildings was facing and called our company to stage three units – a first floor studio, a one bedroom and a 2 bedroom unit.

A staged property

Vintage green glass speaks volumes to the stylish Brooklyn set.   For the one bedroom apartment, our backdrop of black and white was invigorated with green and yellow.  We absolutely love the lines of this velvet green sofa from R&B; paired with a white leather wasilli chair, black and white chevron leather rug and a combination of black/white and solid yellow pillows, this room screamed “Welcome”.  The vintage green glass displayed on the open shelving in the kitchen was the perfect touch to complete the color scheme we installed in this open floor plan design.  The Client had a little concern about the boldness of the sofa, but when the unit rented 2 weeks after it was released, I think she was okay with our design choices.

Green Sofa

The first Unit we staged was the 2-bedroom and we went bold – black, white and significant pops of red to really make the unit come alive both in photography and in person.  Within one week, the apartment rented!   All of the furniture, art and accessories were relocated to another 2 bedroom vacant unit with a slightly different lay-out.  That, too, rented quickly – within 2 weeks.

Andy Warhol’s Campbell Soup Cans takes iconic imagery and turns them into subtle tells of lifestyle and values.  It must be odd to have your entire career be defined by something as quotidian as a Campbell’s Soup Can.  Even more odd that painting over a photograph was considered the height of a new form of expression.

Reflecting on his career, Warhol claimed that the Campbell’s Soup Can was his favorite work and that, “I should have just done the Campbell’s Soups and kept on doing them … because everybody only does one painting anyway.”    [Phaidon.]

He might have been on to something – considering that one iconic piece of artistic expression garnished $9,042,500 at auction!

We love staging in Brooklyn; give us a call!

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