A Vacant Home Staging in Morningside Park

Vacant Home Staging is the best strategic play when marketing today’s NYC homes for sale.  Buyers find empty rooms confusing. Let’s face it: few people can correctly guess the number of jelly beans in a jar, much less figure out how to fit a living room set along with a dining area that seats 4 to 6 people into a space that poses a sizeable column as you enter the room and two huge PTAC units jutting out from under the windows.  Buyers see awkward shapes in rooms that feel barren.  There’s nothing to connect to, no warmth, just rooms that feel SMALL.

Unappealing vacant home staged by Debbie Oulvey

Here is what we saw when the rooms were vacant:  pleasant views, good light and height, new wood floors, the angles are…. wow, those AC units are huge! This two bedroom in Morningside Park presented plenty of upside, but it was impossible to focus on the plusses when the minuses were staring you in the face.

home staging NYC

After vacant home staging – look how big the room looks with furniture in it.   The glass dining table makes POW-erful statement!  The corner, floor length windows are emphasized, stylishly and there is a ton of seating in this room: 10 easily!  And now, you don’t even notice the radiators

MBR Before

Really, this room could be anything. Buyers were wondering how to place the bed and would there be room to actually get out of bed without knocking into the PTAC unit.

Vacant Home Staging in Morningside Park

Yes, there’s plenty of room! We took the modular feel and kicked it up into a chic design. The modular looking chest of drawers and the sleek bed give us a design motif that is completely congruent with the space. We brought the outside in with our linens and artwork – a subtle way of reinforcing the views.

2nd bedroom

The original listing did not even have a photo of the second bedroom because it looked too small. Now, thanks to the staging, it shows a bedroom for 2 children, exactly what this area is attracting . . . young, growing families!

A room that was too tiny for even one child becomes a great place to play, [sleep, live, etc] for two. Is there anything more American that boasts family-values than Mickey Mouse and red, white and blue? There is a connection that will happen here.

The square footage of this apartment might not be overly abundant, but there is plenty of space for lots of living.  This is vacant home staging at its best – moving the target buyer to emotionally connect with the space and see themselves happily growing in the home.