Holiday Decorating – Whoa There!

Excessive Holiday Decor

Admittedly, this was a Show House of Christmas Decor, in Florida!

Along with holiday gatherings come all of the decorations.  What do you do when you are trying to sell a property right smack in the middle of the Christmas holiday season?  Will the seller become the Grinch and steal little Cindy Loo Who’s tree, decorations and presents?

Absolutely NOT!  Buyers need to feel a connection with a property – and allowing a home to show traditions and the spirit of the holiday season is perfectly acceptable, as long as the decorations do not block flow or create obstacles.  Be cognizant of how people walk within and between the rooms.  Make sure the buyers can still see the features and selling points (don’t place the 7′ tall tree in front of the window that has the spectacular view of the Empire State Building).  Substitute holiday-inspired statues, candles, and accents for your every day ones.

Most important is to follow the outline from your professional Stager with respect to de-cluttering and de-personalizing the rooms when adding your holiday decorations.  The result will be tastefully decorated rooms that offer the flavor of the holidays while still allowing potential buyers to easily see the bones of the home.