NYC Model Redesign – Real Stager Required!

NYC Home Staging for Model Units

Before, when it was decorated by a high-end designer

This is the original “Model” for that space. It is on the 27th floor. When I was asked to model the 29th floor space we looked at the problems with this one and made them go away on 29. The furniture that was used in the original models reminds me of a low ranch in Long Island, not an upper east side apartment worth millions of dollars. Redesigning this space on a higher floor, we immediately knew what NOT to do: No chandelier or oversized floral arrangement in the dining area that blocks the views and windows. A white fireplace instead of a clunky, dark brown media console. a larger, more expensive wool rug to anchor the seating area. And layers of elegance using furniture, art and accessories.

Here’s the After:-

NYC Home Staging

AFTER – interior redesign by the team at Amazing Space NYC.