Possibly the best kept [owner occupied] pre-war secret in the NYC metro area!

Owner Occupied Home Staging NYC

Possibly the best kept pre-war secret in the NYC metro area…possibly even the country!

This glorious owner occupied townhouse in Crown Heights Brooklyn will come to market in 2 weeks.  Keep in mind, this home is owner occupied, so our staging had to be easy to maintain while allowing the spectacular architectural detail to shine.  Sun-bleached curtains were replaced with flowing white sheers to allow the stained glass windows to be a focal point.

We removed the micro-suede, over-sized and worn-out sectional, replacing it with the sleek modern contemporary Corbusier white leather sofas and a Nogucci cocktail table.  The large rug anchors the space and all of the soft tones allow the main attraction to be the mahogany stained fireplace, woodwork and lattice trim.  We did an edit and rearrange of art and accents to create a room that is all about . . . . . THE ROOM!  Gorgeous!

Owner Occupied pre war in Brooklyn

White sheers are the perfect dressing for the windows.  Now the windows are all about the beautiful dentil and fluted trim and inlays that surround the 2 windows facing the street …. and the stained glass!

Oh, by the way, check out the original  plaster work on the ceiling. Stunning!


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Corbusier Sofas – From the man who said that “Chairs are architecture, sofas are bourgeois” how come his white leather sofas are so very NOT bourgeois but the height of chic and style? The pieces feel eternally modern, and have long come to epitomize “International Style”. They are hardly modern in reality, having been designed circa 1928 – 1930. Le Corbusier drew inspiration for his designs from the Fibonacci Sequence.  The pieces are thought to be sublimely comfortable.

“Authentic Classics never stop telling the future”.

Brooklyn Owner Occupied Staging

Staging an owner occupied home for sale presents an obvious challenge: the people have to live there.  Few homeowners can sustain “show-to-sell” condition for very long.  Our professional consultation provided this couple, relocating back into Manhattan, a step-by-step plan of action to make their one bedroom apartment look clean, updated, de-cluttered and ready for the next owner’s toothbrush!

Master Bedroom. The enormous armoire had become the focal point of the room (not to mention all of the clutter on the night stands , the floor and under the bed).

Bedroom Before

BEFORE – Master Bedroom

We added a bedskirt (a great way to hide clutter under a bed!) and rearranged the furniture in the master to allow the tree-lined street to be the focal point of the bedroom and balance the weight of the furniture across both sides of the room.

Home Staging New York City

Master Bedroom AFTER Staging

Living Room.  The living room was dripping with clutter and the seating arrangement did not make the space feel spacious and accommodating. Our plan included removing recognizable photos, organizing the shelves to show space and leaving the top of the bookcases bare to accentuate the ceiling height.

Bookcases and Living Room

BEFORE staging the Living Room

We offered a new furniture arrangement (which included removing one of the 2 area rugs). Wires were neatly tucked away. Electronic safely stored inside consoles. The result: a very welcoming space to watch TV or entertain guests.

Home Staging NYC in owner occupied

Check out the color coded bookcase! Notice how much taller the ceilings look now.

Dining Area.  In the dining area, there was bad lighting, poor furniture placement and a tablecloth. The problem with table cloths is how often they get cleaned, and the deep suspicion we all carry that that happens rarely, at best!

Owner Occupied Apartment For Sale


We gave 4 simple suggestions for this dining area overlooking the main living space:

  1. Remove tablecloth
  2. Remove rug
  3. Change light fixture
  4. Move the table away from the railing to show rooms for chairs all the way around the table
Dining Area

The Dining Area AFTER Amazing Space NYC added the WOW!

The net result?  An accepted offer on this property – 7 per cent above ask  – one week after listing.

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