New York Home Staging – Letting Go Of Your Home So We Can Sell It For You!

New York home staging letting go“It’s been good enough for me all these years!”

Ever heard that?

Often a Seller is hesitant and resists every step we take to help sell the property. I see that: It’s hard letting go of a home you have created. At Amazing Space NYC, we not only come in with a design and renovation plan, we also add a psychological plan to help the Seller release the property so we can neutralize and update it. We frequently need to eliminate the past and bring it to the future . . . and it works, every time!

While it may not seem obvious, this is often a part of the home staging process. Although the home owner HAS to go, or maybe just WANTS to go, there is still this matter of letting go that is often a strong emotional process. There are cherished memories, there are events that took place in that space. The owner often needs help associating talismans or touch points to items they can take with them. This is just one of many tactics that can be useful in releasing this life chapter so that they can confidently step into a new one.

home staging new yorkIt is this part of a stager’s job that is so valuable to brokers. Once a homeowner has detached from their “home” and start to see the property as a product, negotiations become a lot less fraught and emotionally charged. The offers stop being personal, and become merely transactional. Everyone’s job becomes easier.

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