Home Staging New York Penthouse That Packs A Punch!

This 2 bedroom, 3 bath New York Penthouse, located in a 2007 condominium conversion, was the last sponsor-owned Unit for sale in the building.

Home Staging New York
The property was on and off the market for 2 years and went through its fair share of both tenants and real estate brokers.  The third broker knew it needed to be staged and asked ASNYC to take on the project.  Although it boasted a generous outdoor terrace, wrap around city views and a large entertaining space, the Unit was empty and buyers focused their attention on the “issues” as opposed to the attributes.

For example:

      •  The kitchen is small and lacks counter/prep space
      •  Every room has angled walls that appear to present furniture placement and/or height issues
      •  The Gallery entrance off the elevator was closed off from the rest of the apartment, making it feel more like a reception area as opposed to an important part of the home

home staging New YorkIn addition to a punch list of minor renovations, ASNYC redesigned the Gallery entrance.  We removed the front door to the actual apartment thus making the elevator the new ” front door” to the Penthouse.  The paneling on the wall was replaced with sheet rock, allowing the Gallery to flow directly into the main entertaining space. Recessed pin lights were added to the ceiling to provide extra illumination in the Gallery and accentuate wall art.

Then the furniture design plan was installed which allowed potential buyers to see how easily their living and entertaining needs could be achieved.  Pops of blue were included in the Staging design plan to complement the signature accent windows of the building.  A layer of orange was used to warm up the room.  Several lifestyle elements, that had a more masculine edge, were strategically placed throughout the apartment.

The result:  2 offers at full list price within 2 weeks of re-launching the property!

Homes with views often need more staging than those who don’t.  Yes, the view is a key feature, but the home owner still has to live in the space! This is where lifestyle marketing plays a key role: an open, on-trend arrangement of furniture placed not only in a sophisticated design, but so that everyone can comfortably and peaceably co-exist with the views!

For these kinds of results, and more interior design magic, please contact Debbie Oulvey at 917-428-3965 for a consultation on what home staging New York might look like for your home.

Home Staging New York With Endless Views!

Home Staging New York ViewsHow do you stage a property when it is all about endless views? Surely anything you do, would distract from the biggest asset – the view? This is just one of many factors we take into account as we set about home staging New York.  This property presented such a challenge.

You see, when a property is anticipated to attract significant attention from foreign investors and/or buyers, the real estate team might consider staging the property only for marketing photographs and video footage, but not for showings.  Because of our Interior Design background, Amazing Space NYC is often hired to handle this type of project.  We are in and out of the space in a matter of 2 days!

Such was the case with an Upper East Side condominium development that offered several Penthouse Units with panoramic views of the East River and midtown.  Our accent color was inspired by the sky that stretched out from every window.  By creating distinct seating areas in the living room, we successfully eliminated its unappealing bowling alley shape.  Shades of blue were incorporated in accent pillows, rugs, throws, artwork and accessories.

The result: a spacious, elegant entertaining space that offers multiple areas for conversation and endless views.

Home Staging New York with views

Home Staging New York with Endless Views…such a treat! This was just one of the many jobs we absolutely loved working on!

For a consultation on your property for sale, please contact our lead designer, Debbie Oulvey – an expert in home staging New York – at Amazing Space NYC 917-428-3965

Home Staging New York With Views