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Within 15 seconds of entering a Property, a Buyer will decide NOT to purchase it.

Buyers automatically times a repair cost by 10 and deduct it from the sale price offer.

63% of buyers said they would pay MORE for a home that was done and in move-in condition.

85% of the buying decisions are made by the woman of the household.

Only 10% of the Buyers can visualize the real potential of a property.

A Home Gains 2011 survey reported that Home Staging generates, on average, up to 299% return on your investment.

Home Staging is one of the top 3 ‘improvements’ a Seller can do before listing a property (Home Gains 2011).

90% of buyers browse website pictures when looking to buy a home.

Staged properties sell in 60 days, 7 months faster than those left un-staged.