Curbed And Flourishing in Brooklyn!

It’s always nice to see your own work in the press! These lovely models were featured an article on Curbed.  These models were in the process of being finished, I had yet to hang the artwork. Nonetheless, I think the photos make the units look real, spacious, stylish, and good fun. What do you all think? Apparently, they’re being snapped up really quickly.

This was a NYC home staging in Brooklyn, where a 1 BR can cost north of $700K!!  It was fun to focus on the mid-century modern designs here, as that is the taste of the target buyer.  The appliances and finishes are impressive; lustrous quartz, Viking cooktops and refrigerators – and in a “sponsor apartment”, no less!!  (Of course this is a builder, not a sponsor and those early co-op days of the oak-trimmed Formica cabinets are long behind us. Still, there are many who remember…)

There are rental units mixed in, and those units have GE appliances, but still textured gray cabinets and quartz counter-tops.  That and lovely 3″ gray wash oak floors.


I love home staging NYC!



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