NYC Home Staging Firm Gives Thanks!

Brooklyn home staging

Later this week, I will be gathering with my family, as will so many New Yorkers, and celebrating our many blessings. It has been a good year and I am grateful for much. Here are my top 3 —

1. My Brokers

I am grateful for my expanding core group of brokers who trust my judgment and decisions. They know that I always have their back.

2. My Clients

I am so thankful that I have great clients who continue to refer my services and introduce me to new sources and vendors. They are another primary reason ASNYC has had a banner year.

3. Brooklyn!

I am grateful for Brooklyn! The borough is booming and I am thrilled to be a part of its robust activity.

Brooklyn Collage

And I happy that my staging designs have been so inspirational to my competition. One of the greatest forms of flattery is imitation! It is nice to see the competition stepping up their game – even if it is by copying my designs 😉

NYC home staging